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Prima, the second largest division of Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd, offers a range of products mainly in the therapeutic areas of gastrointestinal, pain management and anti-infectives, catering to common ailments.

The brands Domstal (Domperidone) and Droxyl (Cefadroxyl) from Prima division feature in the ORG -List of top 300 pharma brands of India.

The current fiscal (2004-05) saw addition of Ecogat BCD (Gatifloxacin + Betacyclodextrin), Nexpro RD (Esomeprazole + Domperidone) and Zedott (Racecadotril), a novel anti-secretory drug for diarrhoea to Prima’s basket of products. Of these, Nexpro RD and Ecogat BCD are first of its kind introduction in India.

Nexpro is the largest selling brand of Esomeprazole in the Indian pharma market. Of the total market of Esomeprazole which is worth Rs. 2,920.19 lakhs, Nexpro is the indisputable leader with a market share of 28%. The brand enjoys a strong foothold in the Esomeprazole market with a growth rate of 11.84% (Data-ORG IMS Sep Mat '04). Further, Nexpro portfolio is strengthened with the addition of Nexpro RD, a combination of Esomeprazole and sustained release Domperidone.

Prima has always endeavored to bring maximum convenience to the patients. It has done so by introducing Domstal OD (Domperidone Sustained Release Tablets)-The World's first Once a Day Domperidone. This offers patients the convenience of taking 1 tablet a day instead of the conventional 3 tablets.

Prima has also introduced a novel anti diarrhoeal with a brand name Zedott. Diarrhoea being common in infants and children, Zedott is made available in convenient sachet preparation.

Prima, in a bid to provide easily affordable patient relief, has made available Adcef, a 3rd generation oral cephalosporin at very competitive rates.

For the first time ever, Prima introduced Gatifloxacin molecule in combination with Betacyclodextrin under the brand name Ecogat BCD. Betacyclodextrin facilitates faster transportation and thus enhances the penetration of Gatifloxacin, resulting in faster onset of action.

Prima had also for the first time in Indian Pharma industry, conducted and telecasted live on television, a show giving expert opinions on diagnosis and management of GERD.

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