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(1) Experience with Manufacturing Collaboration :

We have collaborated with various companies worldwide and all such projects have been successful. One such success story is our collaboration with Novo Nordisk, one of the largest manufacturers of Insulins, worldwide.

We have been manufacturing Insulin for Novo Nordisk’s India requirement for more than 15 years now. Our parenteral site for insulin production is dedicated for Novo Nordisk products, and complies with their worldwide norms. On numerous occasions, we have won the award for Best Maintained Manufacturing Site of Novo Nordisk worldwide.

The collaboration was recently extended for a longer term, for Novo Nordisk’s new and existing range of products in India. For this purpose, a new, dedicated formulation and packaging facility for Insulin is being established at our existing manufacturing facility at Indrad, Gujarat, exclusively for Novo Nordisk. This new facility will have the requisite flexibility to expand and the production will be done with the same state of the art technology and quality standards as practiced across the world by Novo Nordisk.

(2) Contract Manufacturing :
Our manufacturing facilities are up to the world-class standards and comply with most stringent norms, both internal and regulatory. At present, we manufacture products for more than 50 countries, and are awaiting US FDA approval.

Given the cost pressures in the generics market worldwide, especially the USA, you may wish to transfer your manufacturing operations to cost-competitive, high quality, reliable sources. We invite you to transfer the manufacturing of your products to our facility.

Our facilities already have in place, machines which can handle manufacturing of a variety of oral solid dosage formulations. However, if required, we are ready to invest in additional capabilities and machineries as required by our partner to ensure smooth and stable supply of products, which meet the regulatory and in-house requirements.

Torrent has already undertaken the construction of a new facility to cater to Novo Nordisk’s increased requirements for India.

(3) API for Sale :
Our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) facility, located at our existing plant at Indrad, manufactures API for both in-house consumption and sale. You are welcome to take advantage of our facility in India for your worldwide requirements.

The APIs are of high quality; the plant has been approved by many regulatory authorities including the MHRA (UK). Some DMFs have already been submitted to the US FDA, and the plant inspection is awaited.

(4) Contact Us :
Mr. Toshimitsu Kurogi
Representative Director
Torrent Pharma Japan Co. Ltd.
24-8 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku
Yokohama, 231-0023,

Phone 045-308-0850
Fax 045-308-0851

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