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Milestones ::

2005 Acquired the Pfizer group company, Heumann Pharma GmbH & Co Generica KG, in Germany.

Torrent Pharma Philippines Inc. set up in Philippines

2003 Torrent Pharma Inc. set up in USA
2002 German subsidiary Torrent Pharma GmbH set up
2002 Wholly owned Brazilian subsidiary "Torrent do Brasil Ltda. formed
2000-01 US Patent office grants patents for 1 process and 3 classes of NCEs
2000-01 International operations of Torrent Pharma restructured into 3 divisions, namely Brazil & Latin America; Germany & Europe; Russia & Rest of the World
1998 Torrent Exports renamed as Torrent Ltd as part of restructuring and consolidation exercise
1996 Russian subsidiary Zao Torrent Pharma formed
1996 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd acquired pharma related investments and business of Torrent Export Ltd.
1983 First export order by Torrent Pharma
1971 Trinity Laboratories renamed as Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
1959 Shri U.N. Mehta started pharma operations

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