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United States of America ::

The world’s largest market for pharmaceuticals, USA, has always been on Torrent Pharma’s strategic radar. That intent has been converted in early 2004 into a concrete undertaking, a fully owned subsidiary called Torrent Pharma Inc. This was floated to serve a large and growing need for high quality yet affordable medicines in the USA.

Goal: To serve the large and growing need for cost-effective high quality medicines in the USA.

Business Opportunity: New to the USA market, Torrent Pharma is open to business opportunities at various levels.

Marketing Collaborations: Torrent Pharma is open to collaborations with existing pharmaceutical companies and suppliers to bring it closer to achieving its goal.

Partnerships: Torrent Pharma is well known for its R&D capabilities for AB and non-AB rated products. We would be interested in partnerships which would help us commercialize our capabilities.

Research Collaborations: Torrent Pharma also conducts discovery research on metabolic disorders and Vascular Diseases. Any opportunities for collaborations in this research field would be welcome.

Manufacturing Collaborations: The API and Formulation plants are approved by the European authorities and have been inspected by a leading US regulatory consultant with respect to the USFDA. They and we are confident that the plants will be approved by the USFDA once triggered. We would be open to mutually beneficial manufacturing collaborations which would allow our partners to leverage our low cost position.

Adverse Event or Product Problem Reporting:
To report an adverse event or product complaint, please fill out this form. Provide as much information as possible, including your contact information. If necessary, a Torrent representative may contact you to talk further about your problem.

Contact Info ::

United States of America ::
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For general inquires contact : Inquires
Torrent Pharma Inc.
150 Allen Road, Suite 102
Basking Ridge,
NJ 07920, USA

Phone :
+1 908-280-3333
Fax :+1 908-280-3363

For sales related questions please Email:

For customer service related questions please Email:

For billing questions please Email:

For all other inquires including product related questions or comments please Email:

To report an "Adverse event" or "Product complaint",
please fill out this form.

For business development Contact Person:
Mr. Sanjay Gupta
Torrent Pharma Inc.
150 Allen Road, Suite 102
Basking Ridge,
NJ 07920, USA

Email :

Contact Person :
Mr. Gaurav Jain

Address :
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. International Operations Division,
Torrent House, Off Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad- 380009

Phone : +91-79-2658-8491
Fax : +91-79-2657-4491

Email :

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