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Zimbabwe: Torrent has the distinction of being one of the 1st Indian Company to get its products registered in this market and is also the leading Indian companies in the Zimbabwean market. With a rich portfolio of 34 products and a strong pipeline of 11 products awaiting registration, Torrent is well poised to extract the high potential offered by this market.

Kenya: Kenya being the gateway to East African Markets is a territory of strategic significance for Torrent. Having started its marketing operations in 1994, the past couple of years have witnessed consolidation of marketing efforts. With 45 active product registration and 10 more in offing, an ideal platform is already created to intensify its dedicated focus on brand building.

Uganda: Strategic selection of products encompassing a wide range of therapeutic indications has found profound acceptance by the members of medical fraternity. The strategy is to intensify Torrents focus on Cardio Vascular and CNS products, which has been Torrent’s forte over the years. Present product portfolio entails an assortment of 28 products and 12 products are in the registration pipeline.

Nigeria: To extend is territorial fortification to Western Africa, Torrent recently made successful forays into Nigeria, which by far is one of the biggest markets in West Africa. Having already secured registrations for a handful of its specialized products, Torrent is all set to explore this attractive market by making an offering of 12 other products, which are undergoing registration formality.

Ghana: Torrent’s early initiatives into this Market has yielded commendable results, with a total portfolio of 20 products, Torrent’s Ciprofloxacin (Quintor) and Ceftriaxone (Torocef) are amongst the leading brands in Ghana. Five more products awaiting registration will further enhance growth prospects in this region.

South Africa: Having received SA MCC’s approval of the manufacturing facility for Oral Solids and a couple of product registrations, Torrent’s pathway is opened to explore Africa’s biggest and the most regulated markets. Plans are on anvil to offer Torrent’s rich pipeline of developmental products to this market. The strategy is to judiciously employ a mix of profitable business models listed below:

  • Marketing/distribution Rights for Torrent products
  • Out Licensing of dossiers / Technology Transfer with supply agreements.
  • Contract Manufacturing
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Contact Person :
Mr. Nitin Sharma

Address :
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. International Operations Division, 4th Floor,
Torrent Tower,
Off Ashram Road, Ahmedabad- 380009

Phone :

+91-79-2658 5090 /2070
Fax :
+91-79-2657 4491

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